Terms & Conditions

Our terms and condition which are the basis of all sales and services

All merchandise purchased through DESCH Audio GmbH and DESCH Audio GmbH Austria is to be pre paid.

  • All our prices are strictly net in Euro (EUR) up to warehouse Siershahn/Germany
  • Payment throughout Bank transfer to our bank account, Cash in advance upon agreement
  • EC companies must provide a valid VAT Ident number to avoid VAT payment.
  • All prices are net excl. 19% VAT (for German customers only), or net excl. 20% VAT (for Austrian customer only), or any other EC customers without a valid VAT Ident number.
  • Import duty (where applicable) is additional.
  • All goods belongs our property unless payment is made fully.

All equipment should be in working order unless otherwise indicated. DESCH Audio GmbH carries a limited warranty of 4 weeks from the date of purchase, or implied unless otherwise agreed at the time of sale. All equipment is tested before it leave our warehouse. The Condition of equipment is stated as the seller has represented it to us; however, we are unable to guarantee this representation to be true. We encourage inspection prior to purchase when practical. All equipment is subject to prior sale or price change without notice. NB. In case of pick up by seller, all goods are sold as seen.


All specifications started on our homepage during from our own investigation and should be approved by the customer individual. Please note all recommended hours, ages or dates on all equipment is not approved from usand can be not guaranteed, its the information from the seller we get, age dates are usally buying dates not manufactor dates. If you need correct information you have to ask seperatly for serial numbers that we provide after request, running hours for Videoprojectors or Moving lights are estimates which can be not guaranteed, it can be
changed depend on date of purchase.


All prices are net ex works Siershahn/Germany, the transport is generally on the buyer risk, he has to pay all carriage costs. All merchandise purchased through DESCH Audio GmbH is to be shipped with charges forward including insurance or prepaid by the buyer. Please check the merchandise on arrival and initiate any damage claims immediately with the carrier. Please notify DESCH Audio GmbH of any transit damage.

Returning Goods:

If there is any problem at the goods, DESCH Audio GmbH must be notified within 4 working days of receipt. To limit the risk of returning goods, please discuss specific needs prior to sale. All condition listed or given for the equipment for sale are to the best of our knowledge. Return freight (insured) is the responsibility of the buyer. The seller will only be liable for return freight if: Goods are damaged due to improper packing. (see Sellers Terms & Condition: Carriage)


The seller sets the salesprice required for the merchandise. A commission of 15% for reseller margin should be included in the displayed salesprice. DESCH Audio GmbH can change the price in the range 10-15% after 6 weeks when no market reaction is reconized to promote the merchandise.


Seller agrees to arrange delivery of merchandise (insured) to DESCH Audio GmbH. Seller agrees to pack equipment for safe delivery to DESCH Audio GmbH. NB. Liability is with the seller and the carriage company for damage caused as a result of insufficient packing and/or damage incurred in transit to DESCH Audio GmbH. Seller agrees to repair or replace goods, or refund full purchase price (and shipping costs) if notified of a defect by DESCH Audio GmbH due to improper packing.


All used equipment has to be in good working order (unless otherwise stated by the seller for sales information purposes). All equipment has to be relabled and free of any company stickers, it has to be cleaned and in tested condition, if demages happen it has to be noticed on the case. All demages on the equipment has to be fully paid by the seller.The Seller agrees to inform DESCH Audio GmbH of any changes in the status of the listed equipment: especially own sales has to be noticed inmeditly, change of condition, or relocation of the equipment. DESCH Audio GmbH gives 4 week limited warranty for all second hand goods to their customers and keep the seller responsible for any demages on their equipment in that particular timeframe. The seller is responsible for return freight costs if the condition of the goods does not match the description provided by the seller.


By allowing DESCH Audio GmbH to sell your equipment, the seller confirms that they hold legal title to the goods, that they are free from any and all financial incumbents, is in satisfactory working order (unless otherwise stated) and that the condition of the equipment is described and listed accurately to the best of the seller´s knowledge. By allowing DESCH Audio GmbH to sell your equipment, you are agreeing to our terms and condition.

Payment Terms:

Payment is made to seller upon receipt and approval of goods by DESCH Audio GmbH unless special terms and conditions are agreed in written form. All services, sales and rentals are based on our general business and payment conditions.

Siershahn, Germany - in August 2014
DESCH Audio GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 19, D-56427 Siershahn / Germany
Tax no: 30 660 04709, VAT ID: DE149302944
listed as limited company on register court: Montabaur Reg no: HRB 3864, MD: Juergen Desch
Member of “VPLT Germany, IHK Rheinhessen,

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DESCH Audio GmbH
Austria Eugen Dahm Str. 1-3, A-2514 Traiskirchen / Austria
Reg / Tax no: 102/3591, Our VAT ID: ATU53796502
listed as a limited company on register court: Vienna, MD: Ing. Alexander Rautschka
Member and supporter of the “ ATHG Organisation ”
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